Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Frankie conquers Hittites museum exhibition and creates a disturbance

The original concept that won over the VG&M's curator

The agency was commissioned by the University of Liverpool's museum - the VG&M - to create new graphics for the Hittites Exhibition year two.

Designer Frannie produced the original concept (above) that won over the curator responsible, and then went on to deliver 12 incredible wall and free-standing graphics.

During research into the 14th century BC empire - Frannie stumbled across some excellent imagery of archaeological remains and artefacts, and all in a particular colour hue.

After looking at a range of complementary colours, and deciding on the typeface Disturbance, Frannie's concept was embraced hook line and sinker.

Disturbance is a delightful serif face that weaves both capitals and lower case delivering great character to main display headlines. It fits perfectly with the Hittite empire - forerunners of the Iron Age and responsible for the design and manufacture of the earliest swords and chariots.

The graphics, currently in place at the VG&M on Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, have added  impetus and zest to the hugely worthwhile exhibition.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Alex finds right formula for new chemistry building

The brief seemed simple enough...

Create a range of graphics...big ones...that would educate, enthrall and seduce potential new students  into signing up for a chemistry degree at the University of Liverpool.

The project needed nine graphics - a seven metre wide backlit version for reception; an eight metre backlit for the cafe, and seven smaller graphics for the building's main corridoor.

The challenge for designer Alex, and creative director Steve, was sourcing imagery and writing copy to reflect and tell the story of some pretty complex areas of chemistry.

Cataylsis and mechanism research;  nanomedicine and improving drug efficiency; metal organic frameworks (MOF); carbon capture and gas storage and a host of others.

Of course there was no single image for any of the subjects...except in reception where the words "Chemistry...the world at your fingertips" sat within a globe embraced by a huge wave.

And in the cafe, where Da Vinci's chemistry story finally unfolds with an incredible graphic of an inhabited Mars and the allied copyline..."new worlds at your fingertips"

However the rest became Photoshop 'montage central' as Alex weaved, massaged and composed a range of stunning graphics that, with allied captions, illustrated the breadth of research at Liverpool.

"The overall impact was very well received at the Open Day, with a number of extremely positive statements from parents and possible students," said the Department of Chemistry's Professor Steve Rannard.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Not just any design, this is

We think the original M&S food ads were out of the top draw.

So on the premise that imitation is the highest form of flattery...we bought half a dozen eggs.

Kirsty was about to spend a day networking at an NEC exhibition.

We had Da Vinci business cards, with an unused Quick Response (QR) code printed on the back.

So an advert seemed like a reasonable idea.

Camera...lights ...action...a script...a voice over.. an edit and some background music, and that was a fun four hours.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fran and Kirsty won’t agree, but awards must be our biggest news

The first Da Vinci blog for five months. In fact we’re probably contravening trades descriptions by suggesting it’s a blog.

So what have we got? Well designer Kirsty finally delivered. Designer Franny tied the knot. Alex and Steve’s pool games reached City v United confrontation levels.

And we’ve done a bagful of successful work for our clients during these thin, thin times.

We’re also embracing Social Media with some ethusiasm with the opening of a Twitter (davincicomm) and the launch of Da Vinci’s Facebook site.

Oh yes, designer Mark Johnson, a D&AD award winner and former Stoke City youth footballer has joined to provide cover for Kirsty.

But the biggest news is that we’ve just clinched four great design awards. Let’s start there...